Diego Rosenberg

HQ Director

Diego Rosenberg

HQ Director

I am a wellbeing guide (a default facilitator and self proclaimed curator), I help current, old and new patients and clients to explore and identify blockages, issues and obstacles by guiding them through our therapies, activities and resources to enhance their quality of life.

Whether it is suggesting exercise and treatments, encouraging lifestyle upgrades and/or helping installing more positive habits. I join the dots and work behind the scene towards a more valuable, sustainable and intrinsic patient/practitioner experience.

Diego is our head fitness and exercise trainer, sports and neuromuscular practitioner and director at HQ.

Born and raised in Argentina, Diego initially studied a Bachelor of Law at Rosario University. Despite enjoying the subjects, he couldn’t see himself being a lawyer for the rest of his life (no disrespect) and by the age of 22 he left Argentina for good, final destination unknown.

Having lived, worked and studied in Brazil, Israel, Italy, Spain and the UK, he moved to NZ in 2010 to start his family with his lovely kiwi wife Christine.
His initial steps in Health and Fitness were in the so called “alternative or complementary” side, with Chinese medicine and Shiatsu at the MediSin Institute in Tel Aviv before the turn of the millennium. That sparked and avid interest in how the body functions, so he continued with more western based disciplines such as anatomy, physiology, and acupressure therapy in Barcelona, while specialising in deep tissue, myofascial and neuromuscular techniques to give his patients a more complete range of solutions to body aches.
Later in London, he completed further studies on Olympic level sports massage combined with fitness training and physical rehabilitation at St Margaret’s University in London, among other relevant (and many irrelevant) courses. Over the years he created an array of exercise programs that range from rehab, controlled basic movements to more intense, vigorous combinations using body weight and functional equipment, while his “massage” skills are known not to be for the faint hearted.

His aspiration for an integrative view of the individual patterns that are part of the collective, led to searching for a collaboration model with other practitioners to bring a fresh dynamic to the traditional way of dealing with chronic pain and recurring symptoms. His vision of a community focused multidisciplinary practice was one of the catalysts for the creation of Health Quarters. A physical, and now also virtual one stop shop, when it comes to all aspects of wellbeing.

He has a keen interest in ancestral living, biohacking and natural plant medicine and one of his goals is to help integrate this old school wisdom, with new exciting wellness technologies so we can get the most of both worlds. His motto is: Structure gives you Freedom.

He speaks 6 languages, all badly and with an accent. His eclectic musical taste and indecipherable sense of humour keeps getting him into trouble ’till present day. When not at work, he’ll be spending time playing with his 2 boys Seth and Dante and hanging out with wife Christine, walking Bosco the SPCA super dog in nature, reading and researching, doing cold immersions in the sea or sweating toxins out in a sauna.

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