Personalised Nutrition Coaching

Personalised nutrition coaching

A program designed just for you with regular check-ins to help keep you on track.

Guaranteed results

If you stick with the plan that we create for you we can guarantee that you’ll reach your goal.

A plan designed just for you

We’re all a little different and that’s we we design our plans just for you.

What is personalised nutrition coaching?

Personalised nutrition coaching is professional nutrition advice and individualised guidance to designed to achieve quick, effective and long lasting results for your health, body composition and overall fitness.

Taking into consideration your goals, actual physical/mental demands, time availability, lifestyle and food preferences.
Personalised nutrition coaching is about guiding you to take each step forward to maximising results in an enjoyable and, importantly, a sustainable way.

The key to change is to make it sustainable.

Mile by mile it’s a trial. Inch by inch it’s a cinch!

Most people fail at nutritional changes because they try to do too much – too soon.
After a while your mind rejects the changes and you find yourself right back to the beginning feeling disheartened.

A personalised programme is designed to look at what, when and how you eat … and then make small, manageable changes. Small changes are easier to stick with – and you’ll feel successful sooner.

Finding a balance can be tricky, but eating healthy doesn’t have to be.

Imagine, every day, becoming more able to make wiser eating choices that will create a massive impact on your bodies capability to reduce fat while increasing muscle mass, improving metabolic health and exercise performance.

Recovery, digestion, immune system, and so on, will all benefit from a personalised nutrition programme.

Online or in-person

Consultations online are a comfortable way to receive guidance from the comfort of your home without wasting time in traffic. We can have a free video consultation over Zoom.

You’re alway welcome to make an appointment and come into Health Quarters Tauranga to chat in person.

Get started with a free appointment

  • Though it's not mandatory, it is useful to have a phone number just incase your appointment needs to be changed.
    From time to time we send out newsletters about events or general tips and advice to help you get to your goal faster. We hate junk mail too and promise never to sell your details or bombard you with loads of junk.

Get started on your nutrition mission! Download our recipe book for free.

There’s no question that nutrition plays a huge role in our general health and well-being – but sometimes it can be tricky trying to think of something thats tastes great and is also packed full of goodness.

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