Membership Joining Process

Step 1- Initial Wellness Consultation

Coming for a chat helps your coach building a clear picture of your needs and unique situation. We will analyse your body composition using a Bioscan and discuss a holistic approach to achieve your individual health and fitness goals.

Step 2 – Personalised plan of action

You will get your wellbeing action plan with individualised guidelines on exercise, nutrition, mindset & recovery according to your goals and personal circumstances.

Step 3 – Accountability & results

While we can’t do the work for you, we will do everything else to help you during the journey to positive transformation. Every 4-6 weeks, we recommend to do a reassessment and adjust the plan accordingly.

Health Quarters memberships include…

  • Access to ALL the classes on the timetable.
  • First BioScan – body composition test.
  • Personalised nutrition and training guidelines.
  • Online home-training with HQ App.
  • Discounts for workshops on site.

* Terms and conditions apply.
* Casual, corporate and family rates available.

Do I have to pay straight away?

Nope. Lets start with an initial consultation and a trial. If, after the trial, you want to continue on your journey, then we can sign you up and work out payment then.

How much does a membership cost?

We have a couple of options:
3 Month membership is $44 / week.
12 Month membership is $36 / week.

Can I suspend my membership?

You sure can. If you go on holidays or you get injured/sick, you can suspend up to 4 weeks in a year. We ask for at least 48hs notice for this.

Can I cancel my membership?

Absolutely. We require at least 4 weeks payment for the 3 month membership and 8 weeks for the 12 month if you are in the middle of the contract, but after that you’re free to cancel anytime with 48 hs. notice.
Eg: If you decide to go for a 3 month membership and want to cancel after two weeks then we’d still need you to pay for at least 4 more weeks before we stop the automatic debit.