Stay focused on your training and nutrition goals even if you can’t get to us in person.

We can get you moving in the right direction with training programes designed to increase your strength and performance.

You can choose from our …

  • Self guided body weight training programe.
  • Nutrition programme.
  • Personalised coaching – training & nutrition programme.

Get training anywhere, anytime.

Online health and fitness program

No equipment required.
Learn the correct techniques to reduce injury and maximise performance.
Regularly updated exercises along with regular email updates.

Online personalised coaching and nutrition programme

There’s no one-size-fits-all anything. Everybody reacts differently to exercise programs, training methodologies and food.

We’ll gather all the information needed to design your unique program through an initial consultation online, video assessment and questionnaires.

Just FYI. We use a third party app called Trainerize to enable us to deliver your personalised training program and nutrition guidelines. We manage all the content and training but use Trainerize as a platform to get the goods to you. So if you see an email from Trainerize from time to time – don’t worry – it’s just us!