Mindfulness Works is New Zealand’s largest mindfulness training organisation.
John runs Mindfulness Works Courses at Health Quarters – these are practical, non-religious and accessible mindfulness and meditation courses limited to 20 participants.
· Experience less stress and anxiety
· Improve sleeping patterns
· Feel more self-acceptance and self-love
· Reduce reactivity and increase emotional intelligence
· Experience more joy

Mindfulness and meditation are both wonderful and effective practices with a wide range of benefits. The purpose of Mindfulness Works is to provide mindfulness and meditation training to anyone who would like it and make the instructions and practice as accessible as possible.
To book your place on the next course go to: https://mindfulnessworks.co.nz/

Mindfulness-based coaching – Creating a life instead of reacting to life.
No matter when you start practicing Mindfulness, you can develop your skill by committing to doing the practice. Just like fitness, you know you will only get fitter if you show up and do the exercise. People don’t go to the gym to be better at the gym. They go to be stronger and fitter. Likewise with Mindfulness practice, we don’t meditate to become better at meditation. We meditate to create more awareness and improve our everyday lives.
You’ll only see results with your Mindfulness practice if you show up and practice! Practicing has qualities that are necessary for us to get better at a particular skill. Qualities such as endurance, commitment, mindset and many others help keep us on the path of doing our practice. Whether that be for fitness or for Mindfulness.
Organise a time to talk about what is going on for you and together with John design some mindfulness activities that can support you. Usually, clients come for stress, anxiety, health, not sleeping, can’t focus or concentrate or to stop the over thinking mind. As well as many other reasons.

1 – 1 Mindful Coaching 4 x 60 minute sessions. $xxxxx

Book a free 20 minute individual session with John to discuss how using a mindfulness based approach to your ‘mindset’ can help you to be better – to flourish and grow.