Read some of our member’s experiences with us:

“I came across Diego after a shoulder injury that required a rest from tennis. Thinking I had to do something, I started Diego’s fitness classes for six weeks to try it out. Six years later…. I am still going. Fitness has always been part of who I am, but it has to be challenging, social and most of all “FUN”. Diego and his crew have a knack of encouraging you back for more, challenging yourself, trying to be the best you can be. Keeping in mind it does not matter on your current fitness level, or any injuries you may have, the team works around all that.
While HQ cannot do all the hard work for you, they offer firm encouragement, and comes with a genuine interest in your progress. Giving their sessions a go will not only improve physical fitness, it will improve mental and overall health. Along with the team of skilled trainers, physios, and other health providers and with a friendly, inviting environment, you are in safe hands. So if you want to brush up on your sense of humour and get fit at the same time, Health Quarters is for you. I am planning on living until I am 100, and with the help of Health Quarters and crew I may just get there…..”
Leslie Kirk (nearly 25😊) looking at her you’ll believe it!

“How many years ago did it all start up at The Domain with a few mats, a few of us and some great routines? Well it must be 7-8 years and over that time I have been hooked on this style of exercise, and all round approach to staying active, well and motivated. If it was just doing 20 push-ups, 20 burpees and a run I’d be bored. But this mix of exercise is different every session, HQ approach to health, our chats, the program you worked out for me, have all have helped me stay young. I’m told by the stats that my body age is 6 years younger than my actual age so it’s working. Over the course of 3 sessions a week I think every muscle in my body gets worked over. It’s what I need to stay fit and healthy – thanks HQ team.”
Tony Johnson (65 years young)

“I am going to start with a confession that I HATE gyms. Although I tried a few over the years, I quickly got bored and run out of enthusiasm.
However, thankfully, Health Quarters, is not a gym, but a health and fitness centre and I LOVE it.
The staff feel like a family with a personal, vested interest in your health and well-being, continually looking as to where and how they can help and advise.
The trainers make the fitness sessions fun and enjoyable, with banter and variety.
I have now been a regular for almost 6 years, have encouraged friends and family to join, and I grieve if I am away and unable to attend for any extended period.
To top it off, I now have a greater range of movement and strength, than at any stage of my life. I can now even survive Diego’s neuromuscular massages!”
Colin Brodie

“I have been attending HQ’s sessions for over 4 years now and have had nothing but positive experiences. I love the variety and the challenges of the classes and I really enjoy the get up and go vibe. I recommend this programs for all ages and fitness levels, as they provide something valuable for everyone!”
Nick Davie, 40

“I love the culture and community of people at HQ! Happy, relaxed, open minded. Easy to hang out there!
But ultimately I stay training with them because you get results. Your mind and body get whipped into shape pretty fast once you commit to what they propose.”
Mel P (ageless)

“A close friend of mine referred me to HQ about 3 years ago, back in the day when it was Diego’s. Joining up has been one of the best choices I have made in my somewhat hectic and tumultuous life. What started out as a journey to improve my core strength in order to prevent repeated sports injury, has turned into so much more. The team at HQ have not only helped me on my physical journey, but have been there to support me through mental and emotional trauma as well – they have become a vital part of my everyday life. Their holistic approach to health and well-being, and genuine care for those around them is a very tangible thing that continues to give me the strength to tackle each day not only at my physical best, but with purpose and a sincere sense of belonging. I feel immensely privileged and grateful to be a part of the extended HQ family.”
Jo Taute
CRO – Partner

“Give up your reasons!
Anatomical circumstances are no barrier at Diego HQ.
You too can enjoy the pain and (verbal) abuse that we enjoy 3 or 4 times a week, or more!
It’s unique and the results can be awesome. I should know, I’m in my best shape in 8 years”
Nigel D’Ath