Matthew Chapman


Matthew Chapman

Matt first came to know Diego and Sebastian in 2020 and rapidly developed a close brotherhood with both. Matt was drawn to the intimacy and focus that the team at Health Quarters (HQ) had created for its community of members in Tauranga for holistic wellness, strength and flexibility practices. He became a student of their unique craft, learning from both guys, and spending increasing amounts of time in Tauranga.
After a sensitive foot injury in February 2021 which required dedicated rehabilitation focus by HQ, undertaken with the dedication of Sebastian, Matt spent a six month focus on their wellness regimes. It was a “metamorphosis” for him in mindset and practice, essentially focusing him on connecting micro habits to improve his wellbeing. The results were transformational, almost unbelievable to those who knew him, and continue to this day.
Via Sebastian, Matt developed a fascinating interest in nutrition. The two continue to enjoy experimenting with recipes and the resulting impact on body composition, moods and general wellbeing. Matt is currently studying Level 1 and Level 2 of Precision Nutrition. From not being able to boil an egg in early 2021, Matt is becoming better at looking after his diet !
In recognition of Matt’s dedication to live a better life, Diego and Sebastian made him an honorary member of their HQ team. Matt had always wanted to be involved professionally in the fitness industry so to help Diego and Sebastian at HQ was a dream come true. Matt assists, where needed, on the development of HQ’s corporate client portfolio, an exciting area that links with his global life.
Aside from his interest in fitness, Matt has always had an unusual passion for people and “always connected” in terms of understanding talent and success drivers of individuals, teams and companies. After an initial career with Deloitte in accountancy, he followed his intuition into a global recruitment career. From there he found his sweet spot into his greatest passions around Human Resources and specifically, Wellness. The world’s top HR leaders call on Matt’s formula to manage their careers, build their teams and design the HR strategies for their companies. He derives peak enjoyment giving advice.
In 2008, Matt founded ChapmanCG, the world’s largest HR search firm, which he sold to Will Group in 2019 but remains actively involved as Global Chairman for ChapmanCG, as well as being part of the Executive Leadership team of Will International. He is Co-Creator of Thrive HR Exchange, which has an Asia Pacific partnership with Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global in wellness. He founded ChapmanV which is building the world’s wellness technologies marketplace. He is also an owner of Bawah Reserve in Indonesia and Parihoa in New Zealand, both wellness hospitality platforms. He is the Co-creator of Automuse, a NZ based global car new website, which like fitness, follows another of his passions, cars !
Matt is a global coach via the Co-Active Coaching Institute and currently in the final stages of gaining his International Coaching Federation ACC certification. Over the years ahead he will track towards Master Coach. Limited spots via the HQ family with Matt are available via MC2, his holistic coaching formula, that is autobiographical, .
Matt is a former ultra marathon runner having completed 250km runs in Atacama (Chile), Gobi (China), Sahara (Egypt), Antarctica, Namibia and Madagascar. He is a Founder of the Snowman Race in Bhutan, in support of his Majesty the King of Bhutan’s carbon neutral climate initiative, which was supposed to run in 2020 but was delayed and will happen when the future allows.
Philosophically, Matt sees the greatest challenge of the modern day age as being the growth of technology putting us too much in our minds. He strives daily for greater balance between “doing” and “thinking”. His mission is to split his energy 50 percent on the “doing” of wellness and 50 percent using the result wellness of the “mind” from the doing to excel in the clarity of his business and personal activities. The “doing” is a magic basket of activities such as strength, flexibility, cooking, reading, writing and the list is endless. The impact of these are enhanced if done offline (not connected with technology). Using a simple formula of 16 hours of waking time a day, this corresponds to room, weekdays, for roughly eight hours of deep work and eight hours of wellness. More than enough, to keep the body and mind, balanced.

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